"She is an excellent doctor and very nice person…. We will always be thankful to her…."


"I have had an experience with several IVF specialist , and so far I have not come across anyone so understanding and committed to me. Its like Dr Shweta feels the pain of all the patients visit her, unlike other doctors she takes the pain of replying to your queries taking personal call. You know the doctor is good when she remembers you a year after the procedure. I am not going to any more doctors after her. I completely trust her judgement."



"Dr.Shweta has always guided us in the positive direction, prescribed the right medical procedures. She treats every single patient with utmost care and personal attention. Her approach is practical, easy to follow and very effective. She explains the medical conditions in a simple manner which patients can understand and relate to the treatments

Her treatment has benefitted us immensely at a point where we had lost hopes of conceiving. My husband and I are very thankful to her for the treatment because of which we were able to conceive."


 Suranjita de:

"I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Shweta Goswami. Due to various gynaecological problems l couldn’t conceive even after various treatments hence opted for surrogacy and visited her at Bournhall Clinic. We received all sorts of possible help from her and our experience was outstanding in every way. The IVF was successful the very first time and now I’m a proud mother of a 1 year old son. Dr. Shweta is just amazing. She kept constant rapport with us through out the procedure though it wasn’t necessary and even efter my baby was born. I’m really grateful to her."



"Dr. Shweta is very nice lady. As a Doctor, she is very experienced , cool and helpful for every Patients. Dr. Shweta's nature is very friendly. She take care every patient on personal level . She explains about problem to patients in proper way and gives best solution and confidence to patients.

We are very thankful to Dr. Shweta ."


Sunita & Sanjeev:

"Intially we and later on nature was not interested to give us the blessings of being parent….. We consulted many good doctors at good hospitals but no results….it was when we met Dr. Shweta Goswami two years we realized in the first meeting itself that we are with right person….in the first instance itself she diagnosed the root cause and treated it instantly…and now we are happy parents with our 10 months old healthy and adorable daughter…. It was not only her medical expertise which impressed us but also the person she is…. So lively, simple and full of positive energy…. She was always available for all kind of help…. We have earned a friend for life now…."


Deepti jain:

"Dr shweta… U r the one who brought little pari in our life n made me nanu!!!!! !! Can’t thank u enough.."


"Dr Shweta is a very understanding person, extremely patient n very positive. She is very ethical n professional at the same time."


"Being a sensitive issue for each couple on the infertility, in my opinion, doctors like Shweta are required for this industry as a whole in India.
In my experience, the way Dr Shweta explains about the problems, and the various solutions available for the same is extraordinary and beyond any words to complement.
The way she take cares each patient and explaining their individualistic problems are commanding.
We actually chased her from hospital to hospital to ensure that we are getting treated by Shweta and none other than and it is because of his relationships with patient.
She is very cool and giving a confident to people to overcome the various problems.
Now we can say we are proud parents only because of Dr Shweta."


Arundhita :

"Dr Shweta Goswami is a very knowledgeable, skillful and a cool doctor. She is an expert in her field and treated many couples, and had gifted them with joy and happiness in their lives. She is the need of this industry. May god bless her with prosperity and happiness."